30 Salato Rd, Tamavua, 54 Victoria Prd, Suva, & Pacific Harbour - CAKES 2000 LTD FIJI
About Us
We are  Cake Specialists, Our company established in 1995 is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business are  repeat  customers and referrals.
Cakes 2000 is 19 years old, opened 18.9.95 headed by husband & wife director- team Eceli & Dau Rosa.
Highly qualified, professionally & internationally trained specialist Pastry Chef, Eceli has more than 29 years in the Baking & Pattisserie industry.
Cakes 2000 specialises in Cake Making & Decoration for all levels of celebrations, be it family, private or corporate.
We  welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the CAKE CELEBRATION industry.
PACIFIC HARBOUR SHOP-Queens Highway Pacific Harbor, called CAKES 2000 FARMHOUSE CANTEEN Ph Mb 9994137 
 MAIN SHOP 30 Salato Rd Namadi Hts, Tamavua, Suva. FIJI .   Ph 3322999 / 9994138.
SUVA CITY SHOP - 54 Victoria parade, Suva FIJI.,called CAKES 2000 QAI VAVI  Ph 3310560    Mb 9994136 
 9994134 Suliasi Rosa   9994135 Eceli Rosa
 P.O.Box 15953, Suva. Fiji.
Owners & Managing Directors: Eceli Koroi-Rosa & Suliasi Dau Rosa.
Salato Main shop, Namadi Heights, Tamavua
 - 7am -6pm      Sat 8am-6pm        
Cakes 2000 Suva Shop called "QAI VAVI"-Victoria Parade (Beside Macdonalds)  
  - 9am-10 pm   Mon-Sat.     Sundays 10am to 10 pm
Cakes 2000 Farmhouse Canteen, Pacific Harbor   
  -8am-6pm daily everyday